The last few days the first flamingos arrived at the Akrotiri salt lake.


24 August 2017


A paper was published in a scientific journal on Eleonora’s falcon (Falco eleonorae) population nesting at Akrotiri area. These medium-sized falcons migrate every year from their nesting grounds in the Mediterranean and Canary islands all the way to Madagascar for wintering. The paper analyzes data from many breeding colonies including Akrotiri, and assess the habitat suitability and the impact of climate change and habitat degradation on the species.


Current and future suitability of wintering grounds for a long-distance migratory raptor

23 August 2017

The first Demoiselle cranes (Grus virgo) arrived at Akrotiri Salt Lake.

27 July 2017

20 July 2017

13 July 2017

29 June 2017

22 June 2017

15 June 2017



8 June 2017





28 March 2017


A poster was presented at a scientific conference of British Ornithologists Union in UK (University of Warwick) for the migration of Eleonora’s falcon (Falco eleonorae).

Eleonora’s falcon BOU Conference 280317